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DateLocationPresenting personTitle
Th. 2023-12-07Prof. Dr. Adrien Mestrot, Unit Leader Soil Science, University of BernBayCEER Colloquium: Release, biomethylation, and biovolatilisation of arsenic and antimony in the environment: from soils to plants and humans [Details]
Th. 2023-12-14Dr. Frederic Leuther, Soil Physics, BayCEER, UBTBayCEER Colloquium: Soil structure, water, and organic matter – responses to different land management systems [Details]
Th. 2024-01-11Prof. Dr. Laurel ThomasArrigo, Environmental Chemistry Group, University of NeuchâtelBayCEER Colloquium: Iron mineral dynamics modulate organic carbon cycling in Iceland wetland soils [Details]
Th. 2024-01-18Dr. Khatab Abdalla, Agroecology, BayCEERBayCEER Colloquium: Looking High and Low for the Best Land Management Practice/s to Enhance Soil C Sequestration in Smallholder Farming Systems in South Africa
Th. 2024-01-25-BayCEER Colloquium: BayCEER members´ meeting
Th. 2024-04-18NNBayCEER Colloquium: [t.b.a]
Th. 2024-04-25NNBayCEER Colloquium: [t.b.a]
Th. 2024-05-02NNBayCEER Colloquium: [t.b.a]
Th. 2024-05-16NNBayCEER Colloquium: [t.b.a]
Th. 2024-06-06NNBayCEER Colloquium: [t.b.a]
Th. 2024-06-13NNBayCEER Colloquium: [t.b.a]
Th. 2024-06-20NNBayCEER Colloquium: [t.b.a]
Th. 2024-06-27NNBayCEER Colloquium: [t.b.a]
Th. 2024-07-04NNBayCEER Colloquium: [t.b.a]

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