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Micrometeorology Footprints in Micrometeorology and Ecology   mehr ...

Monique Y. Leclerc, University of Georgia, Griffin, GA, USA

Thomas Foken, Dept. of Micrometeorology, BayCEER, University of Bayreuth       

XIX, 239 S., Hardcover

Publisher: Springer-Verlag Heidelberg
Year: 2014
ISBN 978-3-642-54544-3
price: 106,99 €

Micrometeorology Micrometeorology more ...
Thomas Foken, Dept. of Micrometeorology, BayCEER, University of Bayreuth
Publisher: Springer-Verlag Heidelberg
year: 2008
ISBN-13 978-3-540-74665-2
price: 74,85 €

more information : Jha and Peiffer Groundwater, GIS and Remote Sensing Applications of Remote Sensing and GIS Technologies in Groundwater Hydrology: Past, Present and Future more ...
Madan Kuma Jha, AgFE Department, IIT, Kharagpur, India
Stefan Peiffer, Dept. of Hydrology, BayCEER, University of Bayreuth
Publisher: Bayreuther Forum Ökologie 112
year: 2006
ISBN-13 978-3-00-018890-9
price: 20,00 €

more Information regarding Schulze/ Beck / Müller-Hohenstein  - Plant Ecology Plant Ecology more ...
Ernst-Detlef Schulze, Max-Planck-Institute for Biogeochemstry, Jena
Erwin Beck, Dept. of Plant Physiology, BayCEER, University of Bayreuth
Klaus Müller-Hohenstein, Dept. of Biogeography, University of Bayreuth
Publisher: Springer-Verlag Heidelberg
year: 2005
ISBN 3-540-20833-X
Price: 80,20 €

mehr Information zu Egbert Matzner - Biogeochemistry of forested catchments Biogeochemistry of Forested Catchments in a Changing Environment. A German Case Study
Series: Ecological Studies , Vol. 172
more ...
Egbert Matzner (Ed.), Soil Ecology, BayCEER, University of Bayreuth
XXII, 501 p., 176 illus., 4 in colour, Hardcover
Publisher: Springer-Verlag Heidelberg
year: 2004
ISBN ISBN: 3-540-20973-5
price: 192,55 €

more information regarding Berg - Plant Litter Plant Litter
Decomposition, Humus Formation, Carbon Sequestration
more ...
Björn Berg, Department Soil Ecology, BayCEER, University of Bayreuth
Charles McClaugherty
publisher: Springer Verlag
year: 2003
ISBN-13 978-3-540-44329-2
price: 149,75 €

mehr Information zu Tenhunen Lenz Hantschel Ecosystem approaches Ecosystem Approaches to Landscape Management in Central Europe
A Contribution to the IGBP Core Projects BAHC and GCTE
more ...
John D. Tenhunen, Plant Ecology, BayCEER, University of Bayreuth
Roman Lenz, Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Umwelt, Nürtingen
Ralph HantschelCapgemini Ernst and Young
Springer-Verlag Heidelberg

mehr Information zu Tenhunen Kabat Integrating Hydrology Integrating Hydrology, Ecosystem Dynamics, and Biogeochemistry in Complex Landscapes more ...
John D. Tenhunen, Plant Ecology, BayCEER, University of Bayreuth
P. Kabat
publisher: Wiley
year: 1999
ISBN 0-471-98474-4
price: 172,50 €
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