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Björn Buggle: Publications

Peer-reviewed journals

Zech, M; Buggle, B; Leiber-Sauheitl, K; Markovic, SB; Glaser, B; Hambach, U; Huwe, B; Stevens, T; Sümegi, P; Wiesenberg, GLB; Zöller, L: Reconstructing Quarternary vegetation history in the Carpathian Basin, SE Europe, using n-alkane biomarkers as molecular fossils, Eiszeitalter und Gegenwart - Quarternary Science Journal, 58(2), 148-155 (2009)

Other Publications

Zech, M; Zech, R; Buggle, B; Zöller, L: Novel methodological approaches in loess research – interrogating biomarkers and compound-specific isotopes, E&G Quaternary Science Journal, 60/1, 170-187 (2011), doi:DOI 10.3285/eg.60.1.12
Buggle, B; Glaser, B; Hambach, U; Gerasimenko, N; Markovic, SB: An evaluation of geochemical weathering indices in loess-paleosol studies, Quaternary International (2010), doi:10.1016/j.quaint.2010.07.019
Buggle, B; Wiesenberg, GLB; Glaser, B: Is there a possibility to correct fossil n-alkane data for postsedimentary degradation effects?, Applied Geochemistry, 25(7), 947-957 (2010), doi:10.1016/j.apgeochem.2010.04.003
Buggle, B; Hambach, U; Glaser, B; Gerasimenko, N; Markovic, S; Glaser, I; Zöller, L: Stratigraphy, and spatial and temporal paleoclimatic trends in Southeastern/Eastern European loess–paleosol sequences, Quaternary International, 196, 86–106 (2009)
Glaser, B; Zech, M; Buggle, B; Zech, W: 18O signature of plant- and microbial-derived sugars: Terrestrial palaeoclimatic proxy?, Poster for the INQUA-workshop in Lanzerote (2006)