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The Functionality of Iron Minerals in Environmental Processes (FIMIN)

Mackinawite Western Australia Maghemite

Duration: May 2009 - May 2013

The overall objective of this RNP was to improve our understanding of the functionality of iron minerals both in environmental as well as in biotechnological processes. To these ends we have developed and organized a networking programme consisting of four FIMIN workshops, one FIMIN Spring School, and one final international FIMIN conference. We cosponsored two additional workshops. 27 travel grants for individual short and exchange visits to other institutions have been granted resulting in a total of 10 publications to date with more publications coming up. 

FIMIN created a significant visibility among European and also North-American colleagues as had been demonstrated by the overwhelmingly high number of participants in the workshops and the conference (about 130 in total). It also created an added value on the European scale. During the term of FIMIN several ongoing research collaborations had been initiated. The FIMIN consortium has identified a major research demand in understanding the interlinking role of iron minerals in the coupling of elemental cycles across ecosystems and scales. Along this topic it is currently preparing a joint research proposal within the Horizon 2020 programme.


International Innovation Report in International Innovation
(2014, PDF, 18,8 MB) 


 FIMIN BrochureFIMIN brochure
(2009, PDF, 5.4 MB)

-> Monte Verità Conference:
Iron Biogeochemistry
- From Molecular Processes to Global Cycles

Ascona, Switzerland, March 3-8, 2013


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