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Faculty of Biology, Chemistry and Earth Sciences

Graduate Program (M.Sc.) - Global Change Ecology

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2017-06-21GCE Summer Fête 2017 - Save the Date! ...more
2017-06-14GCE Student experiences are featured on ENB Website ...more
2017-05-03GCE Alumni Andrea Hess published in The Lancet ...more
2017-04-10Summer School: Impact of Environmental Changes on Diseases ...more
2017-03-24GCE Students at IPBES-5 in Bonn ...more
2016-10-03Apply for the Science School Vilm 2017 ...more
2016-02-03Thurs., Feb. 4: Discussion Round - Climate Summit Paris 2015 @Glashaus ...more
2016-01-21Inside COP21: Summary by Michael Schneider, GCE Student ...more
2015-11-30GCE Students at "COP21" in Paris ...more
2015-10-19GCE students at "Good Life Beyond Growth" in Jena ...more
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