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Faculty of Biology, Chemistry and Earth Sciences

Graduate Program (M.Sc.) - Global Change Ecology

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Seminar: Spatial Ecology (B4a) (74025)

WS 2019/2020
Mo.: 10:00-12:00, S 25 (GEO)

Anja Jaeschke


Recommended for 3rd semester!


First meeting: 15 October 2019 (12-2 pm, INF/AI PC-Pool)

Starting date Seminar: 21 October 2019

Please note that "Spatial Ecology" and "Modelling of Spatial Ecological Processes" belong together.


Please enrol on e-learning. The e-learning course page covers the seminar "Spatial Ecology" as well as the exercise "Modelling of Spatial Ecological Processes". Enrollment is only once necessary.

Learning Objectives: Spatial processes play an important role in ecology, e.g. for the
persistence of single populations, expansion of invasive species or preservation of species diversity. During this module, students should develop a problem-oriented understanding for the essential spatial processes like expansion and they should also develop skills to apply and develop dynamic models.

Course Content: The Seminar „Spatial Ecology“ works with examples of ecological
spatial phenomena (e.g. source-sink dynamics, metapopulations, invasions, coexistence).
The exercise „Modelling of Spatial Ecological Processes“ covers numerical simulations of spatial processes (e.g. cellular automaton models, species distribution models). The relevant modelling approaches will be applied and discussed.

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