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/Global Change Ecology M.Sc.

A: Environmental Change

NumberTitleCredit PointsTermCourse no.
A1Climate Change5 
 Natural Climate and Human Impacts on Climate2174006
 Climate Variability and Change: Natural and Man-Made3174007
A2Ecological Climatology5 
 Landscape Climatology (A2a)2274008
 Landscape Climatology (A2b)3274009
A3Extreme Events and Natural Hazards5 
 Extreme Events (A3b)3274011
 Natural Risks and Hazards (A3a)2274010
A4Change in Aquatic Ecosystems5 
 Hydrological Systems (A4a)3174012
 Water Quality Problems in Developing Countries (A4c)1274005
 Climate Change and River Catchment Planning (A4b)1274013
A5Changes in Terrestrial Ecosystems5 
 Terrestrial Ecosystems and Global Change (A5a)2174015
 Global Change and Agroecosystems (A5b)3174016
A6Biogeochemical Fluxes5 
 Transport Systems: Links and Fluxes of Energy and Matter between Atmosphere, Pedosphere and Biosphere (A6a)5274017
A7Soil Erosion and Conservation5 
 Soil Structure and Soil Erosion (A7a)374010
 Soil Conservation and Amelioration (A7b)274011
-O Overview- -A Environmental Change- -B Ecological Change- -C Societal Change- -M Methods- -F Free Choice- -I Internships- -S International Science Schools- -T Master Thesis- -etc. Additional Events (conferences, excursions)-