The research activities of the Department of Micrometeorology from 1997 to 2014 were focused mainly on topics that reflect the ecological research activities at the University of Bayreuth. These were the measurement and modelling of energy and gas fluxes between the atmosphere and the underlying surface and the vegetation (mainly forest). These included the development and application of methods based on the eddy-covariance measurement technique. Also investigated were methodological problems and special phenomena such as internal boundary layers and footprint analysis. Of particular interest were QA/QC problems in micrometeorological measurements. Applied problems such as the meteorological aspects of the use of wind energy were included in the research programme.

Keywords: Micrometeorology, atmospheric turbulence, deposition, energy fluxes, eddy-correlation, wind power, vegetation, QA/QC, footprint, quality assurance, carbon dioxide exchange, coherent structures


last modified 2015-07-09