Planned Research

In contrast to many "unstructured" dissertation projects the individual research project is planned and discussed in detail within the doctoral program, and the progress is reported and reflected on a regular basis. That way, mistakes in planning and lacking preparation shall be avoided, "dead ends" discovered faster and new ideas integrated in a more flexible way. In addition, the first text modules for thesis and publications are already produced at the beginning of the dissertation.


Research Plan

Within the first six months the doctoral student works out a research plan of about five to ten pages presenting the dissertation project. Contents are:

  • state of art
  • initial questions
  • hypotheses
  • methods and case study
  • preparatory work
  • preliminary time schedule
  • relevant literature

The mentorate evaluates the research plan and discusses it in a meeting with the doctorlal student.  The research plan has the function of a guideline for further work within the dissertation project. It is evaluated with 4 CP.


Annual Reports

During the doctoral studies the doctoral student prepares annual reports on the progress of his dissertation and discusses them with the mentorate. Instead of a written report, an oral presentation in a research seminar is also possible.

A report or presentation about the actual state of the project is evaluated with 2 CP. Since the doctoral studies are laid out for six semesters, at least two reports are due. As a rule, at most three reports can be given credit for.


achievement CP-validation of single achievement minimum of  aquirable
maximum of
creditable CP
research plan
4 4 4
written work report or oral presentation in a research seminar
2 4 6

CP: credit point
SWS: hours weekly during the semester

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