Doctoral Examination Procedure

For official admission to the doctoral examination, six identical copies of the dissertation together with an application for admission must be submitted to the Dean's office (Dekanat der Fakultät II). For more details about the admission procedure for the doctoral exam contact Mrs.Zigan at the Dean's office.

Required attachments are:

  • Candidate’s declaration that he or she is the only author of the dissertation, did not use any other resources than those indicated, and has not tried to submit a dissertation or pass the doctoral examination somewhere else (available in the Dean's office)
  • Study achievements as required in the PEER regulations verified by the supervisor (including completed list of study achievements in BayNAT form) (available in the Dean's office)
  • Candidate's CV
  • Certificate of good conduct (only if the removal from the register of students took place more than three months ago, and if the applicant is not employed in civil service) 
  • Suggestion of reviewers for evaluation of the dissertation and potential members of the examination board (discussed with mentorate) (available in the Dean's office)
  • Summary of dissertation (in German and English each maximum 800 words) as pdf file


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