Doctoral Thesis Submission

Once the thesis project has been completed, the last steps before graduation can be taken. These are described in detail in the BayNAT doctoral regulations.

It is useful and desirable to contact the Dean's Office BCG to discuss all formalities and to receive the documents for the doctoral examination procedure. This is also the place to find out the meeting dates of the PEER Steering Committee. The disseration must be handed in at least one week before the respective meeting date.

You can find a summary of the procedure under following headings:

Differences between an Individualised Doctorate and a Doctoral Programme

The doctorate procedure is an adaptation of the processes in the Doctoral Regulations of Faculty II (available in German only), but with the following major differences: 

The PEER steering committee assumes the tasks of the Doctoral Committee, the director of BayNAT assumes the responsibilities of the dean. The dean's office is responsible for ensuring the flow of communication.

For admission, evidence must be provided of the credit points achieved during the programme , and 6 copies of the thesis must be submitted.

The board of examiners consists of at least 4 members. You can name your mentors as members of the board of examiners, which has the advantage that they are usually already familiar with the thesis project.

As a rule, the doctoral examination is open to all members of the University. Upon request, doctoral students can exclude the public from their defense.

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