Doctoral Thesis Submission

When the dissertation project and your thesis is completed, the last steps for graduation can be taken. These are described in detail in the BayNAT doctoral regulations

You can find a summary of the procedure under following headings:

Differences between the Individual Doctorate and a Doctoral Program

The doctorate procedure is adapted to the processes in the PhD Regulations of Faculty II (available in German only), which is also still in effect, but with the following major differences: 

The PEER steering committee takes over the tasks of the Doctoral Committee, the director of BayNAT those of the dean. The dean's office still takes care of the flow of communication.

For admission the credit points achieved during the program have to be proved, and 6 copies of the dissertation thesis have to be submitted.

The Examining Board consists of at least 4 members. You can name your mentors as members of the examining board, which has the benefit that they usually have already been familiar with the dissertation subject for a longer time.

As a rule, the Doctoral Exam is open to university members. Upon request it may take place to the exclusion of public.

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