Max SchuchardtM.Sc. Phy. Geography

Max Schuchardt

Research Associate

Phone: 0921-552242
Room: GEO II, Rm 015.2
e-Mail: max.schuchardt(at)uni-bayreuth.de

Scientific interests:

I'm a PhD student in the department of Disturbance Ecology.

Currently I’m working on a data set I collected this summer in the German Alps. We monitored translocated plant-soil monoliths along an elevation gradient within the SusAlps project. We expect differences in productivity and flowering phenology due to experimentally altered temperatures and precipitation regimes.

I'm especially interested in drought effects on forests and grassland communities.

For my Masters thesis I was working on El Niño driven vegetation dynamics in the Sechura desert in North-Western Peru. Early 2017’s strong El Niño Modoki event draw special attention on the normally hyper arid region. Severe positive rainfall anomalies led to a rare desert greening - an important year in our 21-year time series of the region. During 2017’s field season we had the opportunity to join the global BIODESERT network and contribute with data from the Sechura desert and the pre-Andean dryforest.

Moreover, I’m interested in Climate Change Responses in the cold or high-elevation biomes. Namely permafrost thawing and its feedback to global carbon cycles as well as plant community changes due to elevated temperatures and shifts in precipitation regimes.

Besides some teaching tasks, fieldwork and manuscripting, I'm putting great effort in the maintenance of our experimental sites (SusAlps, NutNet, DroughtNet, NPKDNet, Event2) in the botanical garden of Bayreuth.

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