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Cluster F: Forest Diversity and Land Surface Function

Aktuelle Projekte (mit Hauptschwerpunkt auf diesem Forschungsfeld)

TERRECO Cluster F-01LandClim Forest Production and Water Use Model
Kwanghun Choi, Björn Reineking, John Tenhunen, Bernd Huwe, Jong Hwan Lim
TERRECO Cluster F-03Landform Classification for Functional Upscaling
Gwan Yong Jeong, Mareike Ließ, Bernd Huwe, Björn Reineking, Soo Jin Park
TERRECO Cluster F-05Forest Management and Economics in Soyang Watershed
Cosmas Lambini, Trung Thanh Nguyen, Thomas Koellner, John Tenhunen, Chan Ryul Park
TERRECO Cluster F-06Variation in Forest Structure and Transpirational Water Use in Korea
Thinh Duy Nguyen, Dennis Ochuodho Otieno, John Tenhunen, Björn Reineking, Sinkyu Kang
TERRECO Cluster F-08Environmental and climatic controls over CO2 efflux and DOC leaching in a 1-year soil incubation experiment
Mohammad Moonis, Ji-Hyung Park

Abgeschlossene Projekte (mit Hauptschwerpunkt auf diesem Forschungsfeld)

TERRECO Cluster F-02Spatial analysis of soil related environmental risks in the Soyang Lake Watershed
Hannes Oeverdieck, Bernd Huwe, Mareike Ließ, Soo Jin Park
TERRECO Cluster F-04Forest Type DOC/CON Dynamics and Exports
Mi-Hee Lee, Egbert Matzner, Stefan Peiffer, Ji-Hyung Park
TERRECO Cluster F-07Stable Isotope Linkage of Forest WUE and Carbon Gain
Eun-Young Jung, Dennis Ochuodho Otieno, Christiane Werner, John Tenhunen, Jong Hwan Lim

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