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TERRECO2011 Science Conference in Garmisch-Partenkirchen 

 Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (former Fraunhofer Institute) and Atlas Post Hotel Garmisch, October 2 – 7, 2011

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The TERRECO Science Conference 2011 will be a very important meeting with the following objectives:

1) synthesis and feedback on results obtained by cohort 1 graduate students - based on abstracts
2) planning of larger synthetic publications at faculty level (including graduate students) for a special journal issue
3) joint German and Korean discussion of where TERRECO is/should be going
4) listing of project themes for cohort 2 students in preparation of position advertising
5) establishing the basic framework for the TERRECO phase II DFG proposal

Every afternoon participants will meet in 4 groups according to their research focus in order to discuss the state of art of their research and to think about how to integrate the different topics with regard to the overall TERRECO goals.



Group 1: Land use change, regulatory regimes, social attitudes and economics

  • What do we know about change and the drivers of change?

Group 2: Linkages between Atmosphere, Energy and Gas Exchange, Ecosystem Physiology and Agricultural Yields

  • What do we know about the link between climate and production?

Group 3: Landscape Heterogeneity and Diversity

  • What is the significance of the patterns in heterogeneity and diversity for terrestrial and reservoir ecosystem services studied in TERRECO?

Group 4: Hydrology, Biogeochemistry and Aquatic Systems

  • What have we learned about transport and loading of the river system that allows us to assess both landscape and regional function in the context of Soyang Lake Watershed?

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