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Bhone Nay Htoon: Curriculum Vitae

Bhone Nay Htoon studied Agricultural Science specialized on rice production and horticultural crops production in the Yezin Agricultural University, Myanmar. Soon after his B.Agr.Sc. graduation, he worked as an agronomist in some projects of companies and organizations such as Welthungerhilfe Myanmar. Three years after his B.Agr.Sc graduation, in 2010, he had a chance to join an International M.Sc. program in his interested area, Water Resources Management, by the support of German Government’s Scholarship (DAAD/CNRD). He studied two years M.Sc. program of Cologne University of Applied Science, Germany and Vietnam Academy for Water Resoures. During his M.Sc. study, he did his M.Sc. research focusing on irrigation water productivity in the central Vietnam in the German Government funded international research project, Land Use and Climate Change Interaction (LUCCi) of the ITT of the Cologne University of Applied Science. At once after his M.Sc. graduation in September he is joining to TERRECO by doing research to figure out the ecosystem water use efficiency of paddy rice at different scale from leaf level water use efficiency to ecosystem level water use efficiency. He will do this study by coupling stable isotope analysis and eddy covariance measurement.