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We come together, because...

2 …We collaborate with other disciplines and learn from each other.

Chair: Luisa Hopp, Birgit Thies

Thursday, 14:10-16:05,

BayCEER unites diverse groups and disciplines, ranging from biological to earth system sciences. A multitude of technical and conceptual methods is employed. It therefore provides the framework for exciting collaborations and synergistic effects, which go beyond the narrow focus of an individual field.

In this session we encourage you to present research that you do together with researchers from other disciplines within the BayCEER, and beyond. What are the benefits of your interdisciplinary work, and what challenges do you face?

Contributions to this session can also be presented by two collaborating authors from different disciplines as a co-presentation.


14:10O 2.1: Manuel Steinbauer: Do mountains affect global diversity?
14:25O 2.2: Ilkwon Kim et al.: Hybrid Agent-based Modeling of Land-use Changes in Mountainous Watershed
14:40O 2.3: Wolfgang Babel et al.: Microclimatological effects of rain-out shelters within EVENT II
14:55Poster Flash II
15:05Postersession II- and Coffee (Foyer NW III)
15:35O 2.4: Bastian Schauer: Dispersal distances and food webs of tree hollow arthropods
15:50O 2.6: Robert Sigl et al.: Combining population genetics and stable isotope analysis to analyze migration patterns in adult crown-of-thorns sea stars (Acanthaster planci)

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P 2.1 Leonor Alvarez Cansino, Eric Mazane, Geertje van Der Heijden, Stefan Schnitzer
Seasonal differences in growth and leaf physiology between lianas and trees. A test of the dry season growth advantage hypothesis.
P 2.2 Alexander Guhr, Werner Borken, Egbert Matzner
Impact of redistributed water by saprotrophic fungi on soil carbon mineralization
P 2.3 Mi-Hee Lee, Ji-Hyung Park, Stefan Peiffer, Egbert Matzner
Depletion and recovery of the pools of dissolved organic carbon and nitrogen from different forest floors
P 2.4 Barbara Glaser, Luisa Hopp, Laurent Pfister
Dynamic of surface saturation in the riparian zone- experimental investigation and modelling
P 2.5 Winnie Seifert, Anna Coles, McDonnell Jeffrey J., Hopp Luisa
Factors affecting the spatial pattern of Infiltration capacity at the hillslope scale
P 2.6 Jean-Lionel Payeur-Poirier, Luisa Hopp, Stefan Peiffer
Water sources and flow paths in a forested catchment of the East Asian monsoon region
P 2.7 Bunafsha Mislimshoeva, Paul Schumacher, Anna Gretschel, Manuchehr Fezakov, Cyrus Samimi, Thomas Koellner
Is more forest firewood consumed than produced? The case of western Pamirs, Tajikistan
P 2.8 Bettina Engelbrecht, Liza Comita, Andy Jones, Eric Manzane, Ivania Ceron Souza
Intraspecific variation in drought responses of tropical trees - consequences for species distributions under climate change. A collaborative research effort in progress

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