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We come together, because... 



1 ...our subject is exciting and we like to share our ideas with others.
2 ...we collaborate with other disciplines and learn from each other.
3 …we might get feedback on problems with our experiments and contradictory results.

The 6th BayCEER Workshop took place on October 2, 2014. Participants from various disciplines presented and discussed their work in talks and posters. Two keynote talks highlighted current research initiatives within BayCEER. 

A course on Presentation Skills accompanied the workshop, the participants joined in the judging panels for the  poster prize as well as the prize for the best talk for PhD and Master students. The workshop as well as the accompanying course are also part of the PhD program Ecology and Environmental Research (PEER).

Award winners for posters...

P 1.6
Maria Klug et al.: Investigating land use effects on water and nutrient balances of the Rote Main

...and talks

O 2.4:
Bastian Schauer: Dispersal distances and food webs of tree hollow arthropods