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Thursday, 02.10.2014

TimeH36, NW III
08:30Registration (Foyer NW III)


Prof. Dr. Stefan Peiffer, BayCEER Director


Keynote I - Bettina Engelbrecht:

Is water the key for plant coexistence? Evaluating hydrological plant niches from physiological mechanisms to community composition 


"...Our subject is exciting and we like to share our ideas with others."

Chair: Christina Bogner, Oliver Otti

O 1.1: Bhone Nay-Htoon et al.: Water use efficiency and productive water loss of rice (Oryza Sativa): partitioning seasonal water and carbon fluxes of paddy and rainfed rice
10:05O 1.2: Anja Weiner et al.: Terra Preta: Positive influence on germination and growth of tomato and lulo?
10:20O 1.3: Sina Fischer et al.: Molecular dissection of plant toxic metal tolerance through exploration of natural variation in Arabidopsis thaliana
10:35Poster Flash I

Postersession I
- and Coffee (Foyer NW III)

11:15O 1.4: Isabella Schrank et al.: Microplastic particles in limnetic ecosystems: The influence on the biota
11:30O 1.5: Katharina A. Kamilli et al.: Particle formation above natural and simulated salt lakes
11:45O 1.6: Marco Tulio Lara-Jiménez et al.: Extreme events and vegetation type effects on microbial community composition and nutrient disposition
12:00O 1.7: Philipp Jäger et al.: Holocene landscape evolution in the Trebgast Valey: man versus nature.
12:15O 1.8: Stephanie Scheidt et al.: Magnetic polarity stratigraphy of fluvial sediments: an example from the Heidelberg Basin
12:30Lunch (Foyer NW III)

Keynote II - Heike Feldhaar:

Ecosystem-level impact of invasive plants of the genus Impatiens


"…We collaborate with other disciplines and learn from each other."

Chair: Luisa Hopp, Birgit Thies

O 2.1: Manuel Steinbauer: Do mountains affect global diversity?
14:25O 2.2: Ilkwon Kim et al.: Hybrid Agent-based Modeling of Land-use Changes in Mountainous Watershed
14:40O 2.3: Wolfgang Babel et al.: Microclimatological effects of rain-out shelters within EVENT II
14:55Poster Flash II

Postersession II
- and Coffee (Foyer NW III)

15:35O 2.4: Bastian Schauer: Dispersal distances and food webs of tree hollow arthropods
15:50O 2.6: Robert Sigl et al.: Combining population genetics and stable isotope analysis to analyze migration patterns in adult crown-of-thorns sea stars (Acanthaster planci)

"…We might get feedback on problems with our experiments and contradictory results."

Chair: Simon Tragust, Oliver Otti

O 3.0: Oliver Otti et al.: Introduction: Improvement through discussion
16:20O 3.1: Ganga Ram Maharjan et al.: Assessment of environmental efficiency of various land use system in Haean catchment, South Korea
16:35O 3.2: Michael Hauhs: A Modeller's Checklist for Inconsistent Data of High Quality

Awards Ceremony and Closing


Come together
- with snacks and beer -