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1 ...Our subject is exciting and we like to share our ideas with others.

P 1.1 Julian Gaviria, Bettina Engelbrecht
Combined effects of herbivory and drought on the distribution of tree species along a tropical rainfall gradient
P 1.2 Eunyoung Jung, Bettina Engelbrecht
Variation of plant drought tolerance in German temperate grasslands
P 1.3 Andreas Held, Genki Katata
Leaf surface wetness measurements on Norway spruce
P 1.4 Alana Steinbauer, Sven Frei, Benjamin Gilfedder
A climate change scenario: the effect of an extreme storm event on carbon and nutrient mobilisation in peatlands
P 1.5 Marco Pittroff, Benjamin Gilfedder
Estimation of hyporheic water residence time using 222Rn and coupling to biogeochemical processes
P 1.6 Maria Klug, Benjamin Gilfedder, Luisa Hopp
Investigating land use effects on water and nutrient balances of the Rote Main
P 1.7 Saem Lee, Trung Thanh Nguyen, Patrick Poppenborg, Thomas Koellner
Economic differences and factors influencing the conversion to organic farmin in South Korea - Conventional, Partially converted and Organic farming -
P 1.8 Jong Yol Park, Bernd Huwe, Andreas Kolb
Transport of sulfonamide antibiotics in crop fields during monsoon season
P 1.9 Hannes Imhof, Natalia P. Ivleva, Johannes Schmid, Reinhard Niessner, Christian Laforsch
Beyond the Ocean: Plastic particles in freshwater ecosystems
P 1.10 Anna Bergmann
Palaeo- hydrological studies on the Haselbach near to Harsdorf Obfr.

2 …We collaborate with other disciplines and learn from each other.

P 2.1 Leonor Alvarez Cansino, Eric Mazane, Geertje van Der Heijden, Stefan Schnitzer
Seasonal differences in growth and leaf physiology between lianas and trees. A test of the dry season growth advantage hypothesis.
P 2.2 Alexander Guhr, Werner Borken, Egbert Matzner
Impact of redistributed water by saprotrophic fungi on soil carbon mineralization
P 2.3 Mi-Hee Lee, Ji-Hyung Park, Stefan Peiffer, Egbert Matzner
Depletion and recovery of the pools of dissolved organic carbon and nitrogen from different forest floors
P 2.4 Barbara Glaser, Luisa Hopp, Laurent Pfister
Dynamic of surface saturation in the riparian zone- experimental investigation and modelling
P 2.5 Winnie Seifert, Anna Coles, McDonnell Jeffrey J., Hopp Luisa
Factors affecting the spatial pattern of Infiltration capacity at the hillslope scale
P 2.6 Jean-Lionel Payeur-Poirier, Luisa Hopp, Stefan Peiffer
Water sources and flow paths in a forested catchment of the East Asian monsoon region
P 2.7 Bunafsha Mislimshoeva, Paul Schumacher, Anna Gretschel, Manuchehr Fezakov, Cyrus Samimi, Thomas Koellner
Is more forest firewood consumed than produced? The case of western Pamirs, Tajikistan
P 2.8 Bettina Engelbrecht, Liza Comita, Andy Jones, Eric Manzane, Ivania Ceron Souza
Intraspecific variation in drought responses of tropical trees - consequences for species distributions under climate change. A collaborative research effort in progress