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We come together, because...

1 ...Our subject is exciting and we like to share our ideas with others.

Chair: Christina Bogner, Oliver Otti

Thursday, 09:50-12:30,

EnthusiasmWhat is the most exciting about your research? Share your enthusiasm with us!

Explain us the main questions including only the most necessary details and highlight why your research has captivated you. Describe what might be of interest to other fields. Focussing on these aspects in a presentation will facilitate the discussion between the different disciplines within BayCEER and potentially provide the basis for new collaborative projects.

The contributions in this session should be very broad and focus on the big picture of the given project. Besides classical oral presentations and posters, we welcome live demonstrations.

09:50O 1.1: Bhone Nay-Htoon et al.: Water use efficiency and productive water loss of rice (Oryza Sativa): partitioning seasonal water and carbon fluxes of paddy and rainfed rice
10:05O 1.2: Anja Weiner et al.: Terra Preta: Positive influence on germination and growth of tomato and lulo?
10:20O 1.3: Sina Fischer et al.: Molecular dissection of plant toxic metal tolerance through exploration of natural variation in Arabidopsis thaliana
10:35Poster Flash I
10:45Postersession I- and Coffee (Foyer NW III)
11:15O 1.4: Isabella Schrank et al.: Microplastic particles in limnetic ecosystems: The influence on the biota
11:30O 1.5: Katharina A. Kamilli et al.: Particle formation above natural and simulated salt lakes
11:45O 1.6: Marco Tulio Lara-Jiménez et al.: Extreme events and vegetation type effects on microbial community composition and nutrient disposition
12:00O 1.7: Philipp Jäger et al.: Holocene landscape evolution in the Trebgast Valey: man versus nature.
12:15O 1.8: Stephanie Scheidt et al.: Magnetic polarity stratigraphy of fluvial sediments: an example from the Heidelberg Basin

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P 1.1 Julian Gaviria, Bettina Engelbrecht
Combined effects of herbivory and drought on the distribution of tree species along a tropical rainfall gradient
P 1.2 Eunyoung Jung, Bettina Engelbrecht
Variation of plant drought tolerance in German temperate grasslands
P 1.3 Andreas Held, Genki Katata
Leaf surface wetness measurements on Norway spruce
P 1.4 Alana Steinbauer, Sven Frei, Benjamin Gilfedder
A climate change scenario: the effect of an extreme storm event on carbon and nutrient mobilisation in peatlands
P 1.5 Marco Pittroff, Benjamin Gilfedder
Estimation of hyporheic water residence time using 222Rn and coupling to biogeochemical processes
P 1.6 Maria Klug, Benjamin Gilfedder, Luisa Hopp
Investigating land use effects on water and nutrient balances of the Rote Main
P 1.7 Saem Lee, Trung Thanh Nguyen, Patrick Poppenborg, Thomas Koellner
Economic differences and factors influencing the conversion to organic farmin in South Korea - Conventional, Partially converted and Organic farming -
P 1.8 Jong Yol Park, Bernd Huwe, Andreas Kolb
Transport of sulfonamide antibiotics in crop fields during monsoon season
P 1.9 Hannes Imhof, Natalia P. Ivleva, Johannes Schmid, Reinhard Niessner, Christian Laforsch
Beyond the Ocean: Plastic particles in freshwater ecosystems
P 1.10 Anna Bergmann
Palaeo- hydrological studies on the Haselbach near to Harsdorf Obfr.

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