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We come together, because...

3 …We might get feedback on problems with our experiments and contradictory results.

Chair: Simon Tragust, Oliver Otti

Thursday, 16:05-16:50,

ProblemsAbstracts in this session may include experiments with irreproducible or contradictory results, failed methods or experimental approaches. Failures, mistakes, throwbacks are unpleasant but commonplace in everyday scientific life. Although individual scientists incorporate the lessons learned from negative results into their future studies, few scientists realize the potential benefit of discussing them openly with a broader scientific community.

In this session we encourage scientists to present their negative results, forcing them to explain the core problems to a broad scientific community by focussing on the knowledge they gained from them. This includes also studies that have been hard to publish as they go against the main stream opinion in the given field of research or lack novelty.

16:05O 3.0: Oliver Otti et al.: Introduction: Improvement through discussion
16:20O 3.1: Ganga Ram Maharjan et al.: Assessment of environmental efficiency of various land use system in Haean catchment, South Korea
16:35O 3.2: Michael Hauhs: A Modeller's Checklist for Inconsistent Data of High Quality
16:50Awards Ceremony and Closing

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