1 Special SPECIES and species' specialties

P 1.1 Judith Bäumler, Angelika Mustroph
Characterization of the hypoxia-induced transcription factor ABR1
P 1.2 Judith Bieberich, Julian Heinrichs, Marianne Lauerer, Heike Feldhaar
Impatiens glandulifera: Impact of an invasive plant species on the seedling development of co-occurring native species
P 1.3 Jana T. Müller, Rashmi Sasidharan, Angelika Mustroph
How to survive? Understanding flooding tolerance mechanisms using a tolerant dicot model system
P 1.4 Julienne Marie-Isabelle Schiebold, Martin. I. Bidartondo, Peter Karasch, Barbara Gravendeel, Gerhard Gebauer
An orchid´s exquisite taste for truffles – partial mycoheterotrophy in the genus Epipactis
P 1.5 Anita Weißflog, Lars Markesteijn, Owen T. Lewis, Bettina M. J. Engelbrecht
Contrasting patterns of insect herbivory and predation pressure across a tropical rainfall and tree species richness gradient

2 Elements, tracers, chemical species: All about CHEMISTRY and the elemental needs of life

P 2.1 Mai-Van Dinh, Marie Spohn, Egbert Matzner
Drying-rewetting cycles release dissolved organic and inorganic phosphorus from forest soils
P 2.2 Benjamin Gilfedder, Marco Pittroff
Combining residence times and biogeochemistry to calculate in-situ reaction rates in the hyporheic zone
P 2.3 Mi-Hee Lee, Ji-Hyung Park, Egbert Matzner
Depletion and recovery of dissolved organic carbon and nitrogen pools in forest floors
P 2.4 Steve Lindner, Wei Xue, Bhone Nay-Htoon, Maren Dubbert, Dennis Otieno, Jonghan Ko, Hiroyuki Muraoka, Christiane Werner, Peter Harley, Jürgen Dengler, John Tenhunen
Nutritional and developmental influences on productivity and components of crop light use efficiency
P 2.5 Carolin Kerl, Regina Lohmayer, Britta Planer-Friedric, Derek Vance, Elvira Bura-Nakić
Experimental confirmation of isotope fractionation in thiomolybdates

3 Droughts, floods and hidden flowpaths: This research holds WATER

P 3.1 Julian Gaviria, Bettina Engelbrecht
Plant species partitioning along soil moisture gradients: Is there a trade-off between drought and water-logging tolerance?
P 3.2 Alexander Guhr, Werner Borken, Marie Spohn, Egbert Matzner
Redistribution of soil water by a saprotrophic fungus enhances carbon mineralization
P 3.3 Catharina Keim
Identification, Characterization and Quantification of the interaction between groundwater and lake: A toolbox to be implemented for sustainable, regional water resources management
P 3.4 Maria Klug, Stefan Peiffer
Sustainable wastewater treatment: adsorption of toxic metals on granular schwertmannite
P 3.5 Marco Tulio Lara-Jiménez, Christina Bogner
Influence of mowing frequency on N competitions between plant and microorganisms of temperate grasslands under extreme summer droughts

4 Digging DATA, molding models: On the pursuit of patterns and correlations

P 4.1 Philipp Jäger, Klaus-Martin Moldenhauer
Phases of Sediment Production in Upper Franconia derived by High-Resolution DTM
P 4.2 Valeska Scharsich, Kupakwashe Mtata, Michael Hauhs, Holger Lange, Christina Bogner
Analysing land cover and land use change in the Matobo National Park and surroundings in Zimbabwe
P 4.3 Carsten Schaller, Göckede Mathias, Foken Thomas
Analysis of Methane Emissions in a Subarctic Permafrost Region using Wavelet Transformation and Conditional Sampling
P 4.4 Sebastian Sippel, Miguel Mahecha, Michael Hauhs, Holger Lange
Evaluating the carbon dynamics of biogeochemical models using statistical complexity measures
P 4.5 Oliver Archner, Stefan Holzheu
Low cost open source sensor observation systems
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