CALL: Prize for the best poster

Presenting the own research in a comprehensible and convincing way to an interdisciplinary audience is a skill which can be practiced at the BayCEER Workshop. Like in the last workshops, a Poster Award is announced for PhD and Master students .


Evaluation criteria

The participants of the accompanying course on Presentation Skills will define the evaluation criteria for the judging of contributions. These will be communicated to the poster authors on Monday before the workshop.

-> This timeline had to be changed, the evaluation criteria are as follows:


  • Was the study purpose (hypothesis or objective) & approach clearly stated?
  • Was the significance, implications & (for advanced projects only) conclusions of the work made clear?


  • Was the poster well-structured and easy to follow?
  • Was the poster attractive and engaging?


Evaluation Panel

In the jury there will be senior scientists as well as participants from the Presentation Skills course. Each jury member will judge sets of posters excluding authors from their own working group.

-> This plan has been adjusted because of the low number of contributions: the junior scientists will be equalled by senior scientists in the jury, to avoid bias posters are not evaluated by author´s or co-author´s.

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