3 Droughts, floods and hidden flowpaths: This research holds WATER

Chair: Werner Borken, Leonor Alvarez-Cansino


P 3.1 Julian Gaviria, Bettina Engelbrecht
Plant species partitioning along soil moisture gradients: Is there a trade-off between drought and water-logging tolerance?
P 3.2 Alexander Guhr, Werner Borken, Marie Spohn, Egbert Matzner
Redistribution of soil water by a saprotrophic fungus enhances carbon mineralization
P 3.3 Catharina Keim
Identification, Characterization and Quantification of the interaction between groundwater and lake: A toolbox to be implemented for sustainable, regional water resources management
P 3.4 Maria Klug, Stefan Peiffer
Sustainable wastewater treatment: adsorption of toxic metals on granular schwertmannite
P 3.5 Marco Tulio Lara-Jiménez, Christina Bogner
Influence of mowing frequency on N competitions between plant and microorganisms of temperate grasslands under extreme summer droughts

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