SPACED: Using Earth Observations to Protect Natural Landscapes

Carl Beierkuhnlein1, Asja Bernd1
1 Biogeography, UBT,

E 1 in Exhibition & Side Events

The informative photo exhibition “SPACED” is an initiative of the ECOPOTENTIAL project, which receives funding from the Horizon 2020 programme of the European Union. Here at the University of Bayreuth, Prof. Dr. Carl Beierkuhnlein from the Department of Biogeography essentially contributed to the coordination of ECOPOTENTIAL.

Using satellite data, among others, the research project analyses the impacts of climate change, pollution and other human influences on natural ecosystems. Focussing on important protected areas, which represent the focus of ECOPOTENTIAL activities, stunning satellite images demonstrate how the latest Earth Observation systems can monitor those changes in the environment. The exhibition explains how project partners from science, conservation praxis and the private sector collaborate in order to better understand and protect natural ecosystems.

During the BayCEER workshop we show selected panels of the exhibition that highlight ECOPOTENTIAL’s work towards that goal.


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