Thursday, 10.10.2019

TimeH36, NW III

Registration Start (Foyer NW III)


Workshop Opening & Welcome Message

Prof. Dr. Heike Feldhaar, BayCEER Director

Prof. Dr. Stefan Leible, President of the University of Bayreuth



"Which versus how many - Some thoughts about the future
of plant-centered functional biodiversity research"

Keynote Speaker: Prof. Christian Wirth, Systematic Botany and Functional Biodiversity,
University of Leipzig


Poster presentation in "Lightning Talks"


Morning Poster Coffee (Foyer NW III)


"Plant and soil responses to drought: Interdisciplinary approaches and views"

Chair: Andrea Carminati and Steven Higgins

O 1.1: Frank Weiser et al.: Using Sentinel 2 to analyze the spatial distribution of damage after the 2018 summer drought
11:30O 1.2: Susanne Kurze et al.: Annuals do not only escape, but also withstand drought: Insights on the mechanisms underlying differential drought resistance in winter annual species
11:45O 1.3: Max Schuchardt et al.: Phenological responses in a changing climate
12:00O 1.4: Alexander Guhr et al.: Drought stress memory in filamentous soil fungi
12:15O 1.5: Tina Koehler et al.: The effect of maize root hairs on transpiration and leaf water potential during soil and atmospheric drying
12:30O 1.6: Carola Kiene et al.: Does higher nutrient availability reduce drought resistance in grassland species? - Insights from a global change experiment

Lunch  (S 136)


Afternoon Poster Coffee
(Foyer NW III)


"Stable isotopes in environmental research - bridging disciplines, organisms and processes"

Chair: Tillmann Lüders, Eva Lehndorff and Gerhard Gebauer

O 2.1: Stefan Bindereif et al.: How climate change can help fighting fraudulent declaration of cereal grains
14:45O 2.2: Nele Meyer et al.: Long-term stabilization of labile carbon in soil microbial biomass and its residues – A question of microbial nitrogen demand?
15:00O 2.3: Yue Sun et al.: Changes in carbon and nitrogen availability cause contrasting microbial mechanisms of soil organic matter priming in a temperate forest
15:15O 2.4: Tillmann Lüders et al.: Tracing functions within groundwater microbiomes by means of stable isotope probing
15:30O 2.5: Mohsen Zarebanadkouki et al.: Root water uptake and its pathways across the root: quantification at the cellular scale

Special Talk & Award Session

Prof. Dr. Stefan Peiffer - Quo Vadis BayCEER?!


Anniversary Come together
(Foyer NW III)

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