BayCEER Workshop 2019 

October 10, 2019 - Campus University of Bayreuth, Building NW III


On this year's 11th BayCEER Workshop we counted over 130 participants from 22 disciplines presenting their work in 11 oral and 27 poster presentations during a many facetted program. Also many students form the study programs Geoecology M.Sc., Global Change Ecology M.Sc. and Environmental Chemistry M.Sc. attended the workshop. After the awards ceremony all participants celebrated the 15th anniversary of BayCEER with a themed birthday cake. 
More pictures are collected in the internal workshop website.


The organizers want to thank
the session chairs,
poster and talk authors, jury members as well as all participants
for their engagement!

BayCEER Workshop Award winners for posters...

  1. Andrea Spirkaneder with co-authors Luisa Hopp and Stefan Peiffer for her poster:
    P 3.8 Characterization of the nitrate pollution of groundwater across Bavaria – spatial patterns, temporal development and nitrate removal capacity

  2. L. Marie Ende with co-authors Marianne Lauerer for her poster:
    P 3.6
    Future biogas deliverer or risky invader? – Spontaneous colonisation of Silphium perfoliatum in the Bayreuth region

  3. Corinna Sachs with co-authors Dheeraj Kanaparthi and Tillmann Lüders for her poster:
    P 3.12 Long-distance electron transfer in upright flooded column incubations from terrestrial sediment samples

 ...and talks:

  1. Stefan Bindereif with co-authors Lucas Köberle, Peter Kolb, Stephan Schwarzinger, Gerhard Gebauer for his talk:
    O 2.1 How climate change can help fighting fraudulent declaration of cereal grains

  2. Carola Kiene with co-authors Leonor Álvarez-Cansino, Eunyoung Jung, Bettina Engelbrecht for her talk:
    O 1.6 Does higher nutrient availability reduce drought resistance in grassland species? - Insights from a global change experiment 

  3. Frank Weiser with co-authors Carl Beierkuhnlein for his talk:
    O 1.1 Using Sentinel 2 to analyze the spatial distribution of damage after the 2018 summer drought

The awards for best poster and oral presentations on the BayCEER Workshop are reserved for junior scientists.


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