1 Plant and soil responses to drought: Interdisciplinary approaches and views

P 1.1 Peter Wilfahrt, Anke Jentsch
Examining the mechanisms underlying mountain plant community responses to increased temperature: a translocation experiment
P 1.2 Andrea Carminati, Mathieu Javaux
Soil rather than xylem vulnerability controls stomatal response to drought
P 1.3 Mirela Beloiu, Reinhold Stahlmann, Frank Weiser, Carl Beierkuhnlein
Drought impact on deciduous forests in Europe

2 Stable isotopes in environmental research - bridging disciplines, organisms and processes

P 2.1 Sebastian Steibl, Gerrhard Gebauer, Christian Laforsch
Small tropical island ecosystems support two independent food webs
P 2.2 Julienne Schweiger, Henriette Schmidt, Gregor Aas, Gerhard Gebauer, Bernhard Götz, Holger Hartmann, Claudia Lenz, Candy Pflugmacher, Markus Schmidt, Harald Schill
Carbon isotopes elucidate drought stress in rare native tree species in NE-Germany
P 2.3 Manuel Vergara Sosa, Eva Lehndorff, Andrei Rodionov, Martina Gocke
Micro-scale mapping techniques for carbon detection and quantification in soil rhizosphere
P 2.4 Lukas Seifert, Philipp Giesemann, Gerhard Gebauer
Do the elusive ‘dark septate fungal root endophytes’ have an influence on the 15N stable isotope abundance of Caryophyllaceae?
P 2.5 Philipp Giesemann, Gerhard Gebauer
Does reduced light availability unveil an additional carbon source for plants?
P 2.6 Judith Kehl, Vincent S. F. T. Merckx Merckx, Sofia I. F. Gomes, Gerhard Gebauer
Multi-element stable isotope natural abundance in 13 arbuscular mycorrhizal mycoheterotrophic plant species of different taxonomic groups and wide geographic origin
P 2.7 Julian Brehm, Yung-I Lee, Yumi Yamashita, Gerhard Gebauer
Searching for mycoheterotrophy among leafy and leafless Neottia species from Japan and Taiwan: A multi-element stable isotope approach

3 Open Poster Session

P 3.1 David Kienle, Severin D.H. Irl, Dagmar M. Hanz, Manuel J. Steinbauer, Carl Beierkuhnlein
Paradise lost? Precipitation changes in oceanic island ecosystems
P 3.2 Bernd Berauer, Björn Reu, Anna Kühnel, Peter Wilfahrt, Max Schuchardt, Andreas Heßberg, Anke Jentsch
How to adapt land-use regimes of montane grasslands with ongoing climate change?
P 3.3 Davi Jamelli, Marcelo Tabarelli
The influence of socio-ecological variables on Caatinga vegetation cover and provision of ecosystem services
P 3.4 Thomas Schmitt, Andrea Kaim, Andrea Früh-Müller, Thomas Koellner
The multiple values of (sub-) alpine grassland ecosystem services: a ‘valuescape’ to investigate land-use decisions
P 3.5 Claudia Steinacker, Carl Beierkuhnlein, Anja Jaeschke
Assessing future climatic suitability of Bavarian Natura 2000 sites for the conservation of EU forest habitat types
P 3.6 L. Marie Ende, Marianne Lauerer
Future biogas deliverer or risky invader? – Spontaneous colonisation of Silphium perfoliatum in the Bayreuth region
P 3.7 Cynthia Minnich, Derek Persoh, Christian Poll, Werner Borken
Impact of deadwood on chemical and microbial soil parameters: A multifactorial experiment with logs of 13 tree species in 30 forests
P 3.8 Andrea Spirkaneder, Luisa Hopp, Stefan Peiffer
Characterization of the nitrate pollution of groundwater across Bavaria – spatial patterns, temporal development and nitrate removal capacity
P 3.9 Felix Beulig, Hans Røy, Sean McGlynn, Bo Barker Jørgensen
Cryptic CH4 cycling in the sulfate-methane transition of marine sediments
P 3.10 Robin Kaule, Benjamin Gilfedder
Rust as a proxy for oxygen concentrations and distribution in the hyporheic zone
P 3.11 Anna Walentowitz, Severin D.H. Irl, Aurelio Jesús Acevedo Rodríguez, Ángel Palomares-Martínez, Vanessa Vetter, Barbara Zennaro, Félix M. Medina, Carl Beierkuhnlein
Impacts of the invasive grass species Pennisetum setaceum on plant diversity patterns on La Palma (Canary Islands)
P 3.12 Corinna Sachs, Dheeraj Kanaparthi, Tillmann Lueders
Long-distance electron transfer in upright flooded column incubations from terrestrial sediment samples
P 3.13 Lisa Hennig, Sven Frei
Prognosis and analysis of dissolved organic carbon export in the context of local climate change
P 3.14 Katharina Blaurock, Luisa Hopp, Ben Gilfedder, Jan Fleckenstein, Stefan Peiffer
DOC quality parameters suggest source changes during precipitation events in a small forested catchment in the Bavarian Forest National Park
P 3.15 Jiajia Wang, Carolin Kerl, Shuai Zhang, Maria Martin, Daniel Said-Pullicino, Marco Romani, Britta Planer-Friedrich*
Can Sulfate Help Safe Rice Production?
P 3.16 Khishigdelger Enkhtur, Boldgiv Bazartseren, Martin Pfeiffer
Contribution to the knowledge on the pattern of species richness and distribution of Mongolian geometrid moths
IP 3.17 Jan-Christopher Fischer, Martin Baur, Carl Beierkuhnlein
Global terrestrial biome classifications – overview, comparison and perspectives

4 Exhibition & Side Events

E 1 Carl Beierkuhnlein, Asja Bernd
SPACED: Using Earth Observations to Protect Natural Landscapes
E 2 Birgit Thies, Verena Faßold, Gerhard Müller
BayCEER History: Exhibits and Freebies
E 3 Stefan Holzheu, Gerhard Gebauer, Martin Obst
BayCEER Services: Your questions?
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