Groundwater - Climate - Society 

From 23 to 25 March 2022, Friedrich Schiller University Jena, and thus Thuringia for the first time, will host the 28th FH-DGGV Conference.

The FH-DGGV Conference 2022 "Groundwater - Climate - Society" will focus on the societal challenges surrounding groundwater as a resource, its threats and uses under the conditions of global change. In the course of the energy transition, the geological subsurface is increasingly coming to the fore as an energy storage site, but also as a direct or indirect energy source, e.g. in the context of geothermal energy or the extraction of strategic metals. This also includes the use of the subsurface as a landfill storage space especially in the context of efforts to find a site for a repository for highly radioactive waste. Groundwater quality in all its aspects must be protected and sustainably usable despite all these needs. Considering additional changes due to the changing climate with increasing extremes such as heat waves and droughts, sustainable groundwater use requires an adapted and proactive management of land use. This requires an interdisciplinary and synoptic overall approach, which will only be achievable by integrating the various scientific disciplines. The Institute of Geosciences at FSU Jena has responded to this challenge by focusing on the study programmes Geosciences, Environmental and Geo-resource Management (UGM) and especially Biogeosciences.

Within the framework of the FH-DGGV Conference 2022, we want to provide a platform to an exchange of ideas beyond our own core area with representatives from research facilities, public authorities, industry and associations. In a total of 16 sessions, aspects of sedimentary groundwater systems, arid areas, groundwater salinisation, artificial groundwater recharge, mining areas and modelling approaches using artificial intelligence will be addressed. The lecture and poster programme will be supplemented with training sessions and excursions. We look forward to your contributions and an exciting interdisciplinary exchange of ideas in Jena.

Official conference language is German, part of the keynote lectures will be held in English. The submission of English contributions is possible.

The organizing team of the FH-DGGV Conference 2022