Sustainability & Climate Protection

Our aim is to make the conference as sustainable and climate-friendly as possible. We make every effort to conserve resources in all phases in the organisation and implementation of the conference. We would appreciate your support and every individual action in favour of environmental protection.

What we do: 

- The Book of Abstracts will be available as a PDF file instead of a printed copy.
- We make every effort to produce as little avoidable waste as possible.
- Catering is planned demand-driven and will be predominantly vegetarian. Preference will be given to local and fair trade products.
- Following the energy saving concept of the University of Bayreuth, we will plan the use of space and heating to be as energy efficient as possible.

What you can do: 

- For an environmentally friendly journey to Bayreuth, you can use public transport or organise car pools. Information on various public transport options to Bayreuth can be found here.
- Use our digital information and communication services to save paper (for example the Book of Abstracts).
- For further suggestions and questions, please contact us at dvrw2023[at]


We are also cooperating with myclimate to mitigate the climate impact of CO₂ emissions that cannot be avoided. This cooperation is structured as follows:

- Calculating the CO₂ footprint is the first step towards successful climate protection. This enables us to identify the most effective levers for reducing emissions. To do this, myclimate uses its web-based platform smart3 where all CO₂-relevant activities and consumption from the areas of energy, transport, business travel, mobility, office materials, catering and waste are collected and evaluated. Details can be found in the factsheet (German).
- We also consider reduction measures to be particularly important. After myclimate has checked the plausibility of our data and prepared the event report, we will discuss the assessment and derive the first reduction measures. Even small measures can often have a big output.
- We also finance myclimate's international climate protection projects with our contribution.


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