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Bayreuth offers a wide range of leisure activities, a handful of which are presented here as inspiration for excursions during the conference.


UNESCO World Heritage: Margravial Opera House

The Margravial Opera House is the best preserved example of a free-standing Baroque court theatre. It was modelled on the greatest opera houses of the time in Vienna and Dresden. As a unique monument of 18th-century festival and music culture it was inscribed by UNESCO in the list of World Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2012.
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Opernstraße 14
95444 Bayreuth

Garden-Museum Fantaisie Palace

Fantaisie Palace was begun in 1761 and completed after 1763 by Duchess Elisabeth Friederike Sophie von Württemberg, daughter of the Bayreuth Margrave Friedrich and his wife Wilhelmine. The attractive palace park combines elements from three main style epochs: Rococo, Sensibility and Historicism. The palace is the location of the first garden museum in Germany, with exhibits, displays and videos vividly recreating the history of garden design.

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Bayreuther Straße 2
95488 Eckersdorf/Donndorf

Ecological-Botanical Garden
The Ecological-Botanical Garden (ÖBG) provides a unique botanical journey around the world in just a few hours. You can experience around 12,000 plant species here in naturally designed habitats. The ÖBG serves teaching and research purposes, the conservation of endangered plant and animal species, and the public for education and recreation.
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Universitätsstraße 30

95447 Bayreuth


Old Palace Hermitage

In 1715 Margrave Georg Wilhelm built the Old Palace near the residential town of Bayreuth as the central feature of a court hermitage. In 1735, when Margrave Friedrich took over the government of the margraviate, he presented the Hermitage to his wife Wilhelmine. In the sections added by Wilhelmine to the existing gardens she introduced traditional baroque elements such as hedge gardens, pergolas and waterworks.
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Eremitage 4
95448 Bayreuth
New Palace & Hofgarten
After the destruction of the Old Palace by fire, Joseph Saint-Pierre built the new city residence from 1753 onwards on behalf of Margrave Friedrich von Brandenburg-Bayreuth. In the impressive rooms of the small but remarkable Italian Palace, the "Bayreuth Rococo" with its preference for flower tendrils, trellis rooms and grottos in its late form comes alive here.
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Ludwigstraße 21
95444 Bayreuth

Festspielhaus (Richard Wagner - Bayreuther Festspiele)

A theater created for a single composer: the Bayreuth Festspielhaus. With an auditorium in which music unfolds like in no other theater in the world. Without ostentation, reduced to the essentials: the experience of his creations as a celebration.

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Festspielhügel 1-2
95445 Bayreuth

Maisel's Beer Experience & Catacombs
At Maisel & Friends, craft meets pleasure, tradition meets innovation, and historic walls meet modern architecture and contemporary street art.
Brewery - Beer store - Gastronomy - Experience tours - Beer tastings
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Andreas-Maisel-Weg 1
95445 Bayreuth
Other places of interest
- Playgrounds Guide for Bayreuth and the surrounding areas (German)
- Former state garden show grounds Wilhelminenaue

- Transitionhaus - a place of change (German)
- Research, education and documentation of the contemporary culture of Africa at Iwalewahaus

- Röhrensee Zoo near the university

Picture: Z thomas (Wikimedia Commons)


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