Key Dates and Deadlines



In order to submit panels and papers for the conference, you must first create an account. This can be done from 01.06.2022 at Online-Registration. Booking and payment of the conference fee will take place separately from April 2023 onwards.


Call for Panels

Panels can be submitted in three formats: open panels, for which contributions can be submitted from 15.10.2022; closed panels, for which the contributions and participants are already determined and submitted in advance; and round-tables/discussion panels as a format with several contributors instead of standalone contributions.

Time slots for all formats are 90 minutes long.

  • Submission of Open Panels: 01.06.2022 - 30.09.2022
    Confirmation: by 15.10.2022
  • Submission of Closed Panels and Round-tables/discussion panels: 01.06.2022 - 15.03.2023
    Confirmation: by 31.03.2023


Call for Papers

Contributions can be assigned to an open panel or submitted individually. For the submission of papers for closed panels, please submit the respective panel with the associated papers.

  • Submission of Papers: 15.10.2022 - 15.03.2023
    Confirmation: until 31.03.2023



The final booking for the conference started on 01.04.2023. Several payment options are available for the tickets.

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