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Masterstudiengang - Global Change Ecology

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Übung: Field Quantification of Biodiversity (GCE:B7) (74090)

SS 2018

Carl Beierkuhnlein


Excursion to the Bavarian Forest

 Further Information will be announced

Learning Objectives (Module B7): Possibilities of continual surface data collection through remote sensing for biodiversity research are taught. An important objective is to teach about the different ways of closing spatial gaps in field data collection by using hyperspectral remote sensing data. A suitable sampling design will be taught along with in-situ field data collection as well as processing steps in the evaluation of different data sets (field and remote sensing data). The latter includes statistical procedures and spatial models.

Course Content: Results of biological field methods (Bitterlich, succession stage, dominant species, percentage of deadwood etc.) are compared with remote sensing data (hyperspectral data, results from remotely sensed field data like FAO land cover classification system LCCS; LAI records and hemispheric measuring). With selected examples, the potential and limitations of using different aircraft and satellite-based missions for the collection of biodiversity patterns will be shown. Processing steps like dimension reduction, index calculation as well as spatial filters and measures to determine heterogeneity of habitats and ecosystems will be taught.

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