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Admission Prerequisites:

To qualify for the international elite graduate program Global Change Ecology (M.Sc.) requires

1. an excellent Bachelor's degree in biology, hydrology, meteorology, environmental physics, environmental informatics, geoecology, landscape ecology, geography, science of forestry or agricultural science,  Philosophy & Economics, International Economics and Development or an equivalent degree, and

2. the successful passing of an aptitude assessment test (Eignungsfeststellungsprüfung) for the international elite graduate program Global Change Ecology at the University of Bayreuth.

 If you have questions about the application and requirements, see also the FAQ. 


Application Deadline:

15 June for each winter term

Application Documents:

1. Letter of motivation (max. 2 pages) stating the skills and expertise that qualify you for the study program,

2. Bachelor certificate including academic transcript (copy),

3. Confirmations of stays abroad, internships and language courses (if applicable),

4. Certificate of general university entrance qualification* (copy) as additional information,

5. Curriculum vitae (containing a photo) as additional information.

* The "certificate of general university entrance qualification" means a document that allows you to enroll in a University, usually a high school diploma (equivalent to the German "Abitur", containing subjects and grades) and/or an university entrance test.


Online Application will open on 1 March


Following the link leads you to the platform CampusOnline. Please read the section regarding "prospective students" and

1. create a "basic account".

2. login on to CampusOnline with your basic account allows you to navigate to "Application & Enrolment".

3. To start a new application process, click on "Enter new application".

4. Then simply follow the instructions and provide the information asked from you and upload the required documents listed above.

If you have problems with your password or PIN code, please write to cmhelp@uni-bayreuth.de via e-mail.

Find a more detailed manual regarding the application process here: Manual Application

If you have questions about the application, see also the FAQ.

Aptitude Assessment Procedure:

You will have to pass an aptitude assessment test consisting of two parts, a pre-selection by means of the application documents and, in case of a positive result, a colloquy (via online interview; travel expenses  such as travel costs, accommodation or food, which arise because of participation in the selection process wil not be refunded).

The application documents (Bachelor certificate and letter of motivation) are each graded in a decimal, five-step scale from 1 = very good to 5 = not sufficient. In case of applicants (or degrees) from foreign countries grades are converted using country-specific factors. If the sum of the single-weighted letter of motivation and the single-weighted Bachelor certificate does not exceed 4.0 points, he or she will be invited to an individual colloquy (interview, 20-30 min.). Only if the colloquy is graded by “very good” or "good" (1.0 or 2.0 in the five-step scale mentioned above) and the sum of the single-weighted interview and the single-weighted Bachelor certificate does not exceed 4.0 points the whole aptitude assessment procedure is completed successfully.

As a matter of course both, the letter of motivation has to be be written and the colloquy has to be be attended in English.

Further Information:

For further inquiries regarding the application or to the assessment procedure please mail to or call:

Sylvia Sprödhuber and Dr. Stephanie Thomas

Tel.: +49 (0)921 55-2306




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