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Vorlesung/Seminar: Land Use Policies, Markets, and Ecosystems (C7b) (74046)

WS 2018/2019
Di.: 18:00-20:00, S23; 20.02.2019-22.02.2019 (mehrtägig), Excursion

Thomas Schmitt, Maria Hänsel, Thomas Koellner


Starting date: 23 October 2018

The module C7 will be completed with an excursion from 20th till 22nd of February.

Further information and enrolment on the e-learning page.

Learning Objective: Global and regional changes in land use policies and markets such as agricultural payments and food price changes can have substantial impacts on ecosystems. The lecture will give you insights in the interplay between these different drivers and resulting land use patterns. This will allow us to discuss the potentials of political action for sustainable management of ecosystems.

Course Content: The lecture addresses the influence of markets and politics on land use change. With global and regional case studies, we will analyse the relationship between those drivers, local land use and management decisions, and the provision of ecosystem services. Additionally, we will get an overview of different methods for the quantification of land use change and affected ecosystem services.


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