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Masterstudiengang - Global Change Ecology

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Vorlesung/Übung: Foundations of Biogeographical Modelling (GCE:M4) (74051)

SS 2020
Mo.: 10:00-14:00, AI/INF (PC-Pool); 1st half of semester

Anja Jaeschke, Mirela Beloiu Schwenke

Lecture/Exercise course, 2 ECTS 

Starting date: 20.04.2020 as digital course

 The course takes place in the first half of the semester. The course will be offered as digital course. Please have a look at e-learning (course name: 2020 Foundations of Biogeographical Modelling (GCE M4)) to get further information.

 Learning Objective:

"Biogeographical Modelling" concentrates on quantitative description of expansion and frequency of organisms on different spatial standards as well as recording of underlying mechanisms.

Aim of the course is to teach practical knowledge about the most important modelling approaches, from process oriented, individually based models to traditional statistical methods.

 Course Content: Vegetation models, distribution models, handling of spatial data in models, home range analyses

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