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Übung: Modelling Land Use Policies, Markets, and Ecosystems (C7b) (28440)

WS 2021/2022
Mi.: 12:00-14:00, PC-Pool B9

Maria Hänsel


 (former course name: Impact Assessment of Markets and Policies on Land Use and Ecosystem Services)


Starting date: First week of the semester.

Depending on the Corona situation it will take place live or online.


Learning Objective (module): As an outcome of this module, students are able to:

Evaluate different policies and market options in their effect on land use and ecosystem services

Interpret land use model results and put them in the context of real-world policies and markets

Identify feedback mechanisms and trade-offs in human environment systems

Course Content: In this exercise, based on the current development of agricultural and environmental policies as well as markets, possible future land use scenarios are developed and analysed for case study regions. Existing models, such as agent-based models, will be adapted and parameterized. Changes in ecosystem services through land use decisions are integrated into the model using simple estimates.

Please check the e-learning and cmlife at the beginning of the semester, as changes due to Covid-19 might occur.

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