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Masterstudiengang - Global Change Ecology

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Vorlesung/Seminar: Climate Policy and Instruments (C1a) (74033)

WS 2021/2022
03.12.2021-05.12.2021 (mehrtägig)

Jasper Meya

L/S,  2 ECTS

Block course 03 Feb - 05 Dec 2021

Course Content: In this part of the module, economic criteria for determining efficient and fair climate policy goals are developed. Then climate policy instruments are dealt with (e.g. regulatory policy; C02 tax; emissions trading) and instrument selection is discussed with imperfect information. In interactive phases, economic concepts are deepened along with current case studies, such as the German coal phase-out, national CO2 pricing (climate package) or European emissions trading (EU ETS).

Please check the e-learning and cmlife at the beginning of the semester, as changes due to Covid-19 might occur.

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