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Masterstudiengang - Global Change Ecology

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Seminar: Spatial Ecology (B4a) (74025)

WS 2022/2023



Recommended for 3rd semester!

Planned as a block course in winter term 2022-23. Dates and place to follow.

lease note that "Spatial Ecology" and "Modelling of Spatial Ecological Processes" belong together. Please enrol on e-learning. 

Learning Objectives: Spatial processes play an important role in ecology, e.g. for the persistence of single populations, expansion of invasive species or preservation of species diversity.

During this module, students should develop a problem-oriented understanding for the essential spatial processes like expansion and they should also develop skills to apply and develop dynamic models.

Course Content: The Seminar „Spatial Ecology“ works with examples of ecological spatial phenomena (e.g. source-sink dynamics, metapopulations, invasions, coexistence).

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