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Masterstudiengang - Global Change Ecology

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Seminar: Wirkungsanalyse von Outdoorsportarten (Impact Assessment of Outdoor Sports) (C6b) (57011)

WS 2022/2023
Do., 03.11.2022-24.11.2022 (mehrtägig), K Sport (English); Do., 03.11.2022-24.11.2022 (mehrtägig), online (German); Fr., 04.11.2022-25.11.2022 (mehrtägig), online (German)

Volker Audorff, Anne-Maria Schweizer

Seminar, 2 ECTS

Learning Objective: Upon completion of the module Sport Ecology, students understand the interactions between sports and ecological systems and are able to illustrate them with practical examples. They can identify quantitative relationships regarding the effect of outdoor sports on ecological systems from scientific publications and reflect them critically.

Course Content: Student learn the complex and dynamic relationship between sport and the environment. The courses impart the importance of nature sports, their potential of conflict with goals in nature and environmental protection and the potential of sports in conveying ecological understanding and derived action strategies. Students collaboratively develop conceptual, functional, and methodological foundations to an economic view on ecology and nature protection and to an analysis of the interactions between human behaviour and ecological systems in the area of sports. 

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