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Übung: Life Cycle Assessment of Products (M9) (74058)

WS 2022/2023
27.01.2023-29.01.2023 (mehrtägig), tbc

Veronika Abraham

Exercise course, 2 ECTS

Block course from 27 January, 2023 to 29 January, 2023 (3 days from 8 am to 6 pm)

Further information (recommended readings, etc.) can be obtained on the e-learning site of the course

Learning Objectives: Aim of the exercise „Life Cycle Assessment of Products“ is to introduce assessment methods that can be used by business and political actors to assess the environmental consequences of their decision in product systems. 

Course Content: The method of Life Cycle Assessment LCA is introduced and students learn to use the LCA software with practical examples (e. g. assessment of energy products with Jatropha or wind energy).


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