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Masterstudiengang - Global Change Ecology

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Seminar: Globalization of Economies and the Environment (GCE:C3b) (74038)

SS 2023
24.07.2023-26.07.2023 (mehrtägig)

Thomas Koellner, Mario Larch

Seminar block course, 3 ECTS

Dates: 24 to 26 July 2023

Learning Objectives (Module C3): The increasing demand for goods and services as well as the globalization of markets has far-reaching economic, ecological and social effects. On the one hand, developing countries could benefit economically from increased export of raw materials (e.g. biofuels) or through direct investment from industrial nations (e.g. in the agricultural sector), on the other hand, ecosystems could be sustainably damaged due to low environmental standards in developing countries.

The aim of this module is to understand the flows of goods and services in global financial and raw materials markets and their economic and ecological effects, and to critically examine environmental policy instruments.

Course Content: The seminar discusses what effects global trade, particularly of raw materials, induces due to the use of terrestrial and marine ecosystems. In order to reduce negative effects, environmental policy measures such as environmental standards play a special role. However, national environmental policies and different environmental policy standards between trading partners can also distort competition. Global market changes, environmental impacts and policy measures are critically reflected. 

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