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Masterstudiengang - Global Change Ecology

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Seminar: Soil Carbon and Global Change (GCE:B6b) (74030)

SS 2023
26.06.2023-06.07.2023 (mehrtägig), Presentation end of June 2023 (Monday to Thursday), Seminar room

Andrey Rodionov

Seminar, 1 ECTS

Topic selection and power point presentation from each participant end of June 2023 (Monday to Thursday) - Seminar room

Learning Objective (Module B6): Knowledge of carbon reserves in the soil of different biomes, influence factors on soil carbon levels and soil carbon reserves and greenhouse gas emissions. Impact on reserves by global climate changes as well as land-use. Technique of carbon inventory in soil, characterization of soil organic matter.

Course Content: Current questions of carbon turnover in soil and manipulation by human beings: variety of topics.

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