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Masterstudiengang - Global Change Ecology

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Vorlesung/Übung: Dynamic Ecosystem Modeling (M23) (20553)

SS 2023
22.05.2023-02.06.2023 (mehrtägig), B9 (Dr. Hans-Frisch-Str.)

Lisa Hülsmann

Lecture/exercise, 5 ECTS

Block Course from 22 May, 2023 to 02 June, 2023 at BayCEER (Dr. Hans-Frisch-Str.) in room B9

Learning Objectives: After successful completion, the participants are familiar with the basic methods in working with dynamic ecosystem models and can select, apply, and interpret these methods in hands-on model examples and according to a specific research question.

Course Content: Complex dynamic ecosystem models are crucial to understand the mechanisms that shape ecosystems, project their fate under different scenarios and communicate ecosystem functioning and the consequences of human-ecosystem interactions. This course covers the basic tools that are necessary to apply such models, e.g., chose the right model structure and complexity, run sensitivity analyses, calibrate the parameters, and quantify model uncertainty and performance. In addition to the theoretical instruction, all methods are applied in hands-on examples and further developed by the participants within the framework of a final project.

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