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Übung/Seminar: Project Management and Scientific Coordination (M11) (74060)

WS 2023/2024
Do.: 10:00-12:00, S 137 (NW III)

Birgit Thies, N.N.

Seminar, 2 ECTS

Starting date: 19 October 2023

Learning Objectives: The aim of this module is to provide practical insight into project  management, especially in a scientific environment. It seeks to prepare students to carry out tasks relating to coordination in research and the professional world.

Course Content: Depending on the needs and interests of the course participants, practical tasks in science management are addressed (the national and international research funding landscape, requesting funding, setting up research associations and international research networks, communication and quality control, public relations). In addition to such insights, the course also reflects on chances and risks in project management based on personal experience.

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