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Vorlesung/Seminar: Methodology of Social Sciences (M26) (74047)

SS 2024
Do.: 10:00-12:00, S 130 (NW III)

Eberhard Rothfuß

Lecture/Seminar, 3 ECTS

Starting date: 18 April 2024

Learning Objectives: Objectives and learning outcomes of the module:

  1. Make students familiar with the language(s) of social science methodology and provide both a solid grounding in the key issues and a critical understanding of them.
  2. Introduce students to basic epistemological questions, approaches, and debates in the philosophy of social sciences.
  3. Introduce students to common methods in the social science (both quantitative and qualitative)

Course Content: This module provides a general and broadly understood introduction to problems, approaches, and debates in social science methodologies. The main aim is to make MSc scholars familiar with prominent ‘epistemological schools’, methodological angles and language(s), to provide a solid grounding in the key issues and a critical understanding of them.

The method course is divided into two parts: (1.) Philosophy of social science, epistemology and ontology and (2) Introduction into understanding and applying relevant geographical methodological approaches (with some prominent methods to be addressed).

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