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Masterstudiengang - Global Change Ecology

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Matilde Moreano: Curriculum Vitae

2010.10 International Elite Graduate Program "Global Change Ecology" (M.Sc.)
present University of Bayreuth, Germany 
2007.06 Bachelor of Science in Biology
Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador (PUCE)
Thesis (B.Sc.): Morphology of the male reproductive system of the endemic
fish Astroblepus ubidiai (Siluriformes: Astroblepidae)
2005-2006 Maintenance in captivity of the endemic fish Astroblepus ubidiai 
project supported by PUCE and SENACYT
2004-2005  Reproduccion Strategies of freshwater fishes
Project supported by PUCE and SENACYT
Training Experience
2004-2007 Developmental Biology Laboratory-PUCE
Research Assistant
Training-schools and Conferences
2010.04 Continents under Climate Change
Humbold-Universität zu Berlin. Foreign Federal Office. Berlin-Germany 
2010.02 3rd Jyväskylä Winter School of Ecology:Wildlife Biology
Konnevesi Research Station- Finland
2005.02 Mammals and Amphibians of Ecuador. AECB- PUCE. 
2004.01 Legal Policies for Conservation of Biodiversity. NUMASHIR. AECB.
2003.10 Conservation and Biodiversity: Tools and Strategies. NUMASHIR. AECB. 

Participation in Congress
2006  XXIX Jornadas de Biología. Universidad Laica “Eloy Alfaro”. 
Oral Presentation: Reproduction Strategies of freshwater fishes in Ecuador
2005 XXVIII Jornadas de Biología. Universidad de Guayaquil.
Oral Presentation:Reproduction Strategies of the endemic
fish Astroblepus ubidiai
2004 XXVII Jornadas de Biología. Universidad Central del Ecuador.
Poster Presentation: Maintenance in captivity of the endemic
fish Astroblepus ubidiai 
Work Experience
2009 Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador-SENACYT
Researcher on the project: Inventory of Genetic and Morphological Biodivertsity
of Amphibians, Birds and Reptiles in the Andes. Design of the Amphibiaweb for
the Vertebrate Museum QCAZ
2008 Ministery of Cultural Heritage
Researcher and team leader on the project: Inventory of Natural Heritage in
Ecuador. Inventory of Heritage Values related with the Nature 
2007-2008 Ecuambiente Consulting Group and Entrix Inc.
Environmental Impact Studies caused by the effect of oil extraction in
amphibians and fishes in the ecuadorian rainforest
- Environmental Impact Study (ex post) of the marginal platform "Bermejo".
- Environmental Impact Study in the system of water reinjection in the platform YUCA.

Moreano, M., Reascos, Y. & del Pino, E. 2006. Reproduction strategies of the endemic fish Astroblepus ubidiai. Nuestra Ciencia. PUCE. 10:15-20
Digital wildlife photography, photoedition tools 
Language skills 
Spanish: mother tongue
English: fluent
German: basic 


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