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Masterstudiengang - Global Change Ecology

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Markus Martini

Markus Martini


Bis 12/2016 bei Global Change Ecology
e-Mail: markus.martini(at)uni-bayreuth.de

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2014 - present

Master of Science in Global Change Ecology
University of Bayreuth, Germany

09/13 - 02/14 Semester abroad (Geography and European Studies)
Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
2011 - 2014

Bachelor of Science in Geoecology
University of Bayreuth, Germany

Thesis topic: Pollination efficiency of Bombus terrestris in fruit set of lulo (Solanum quitoense LAM.) in Central Europe under greenhouse conditions

Ecological Botanical Garden, Bayreuth

Supervisors: Dr. Jana Messinger, Dr. Marianne Lauerer

Internships, Science Schools & Practical Experience  

05/2016 Teaching Assistant in an OpenSource-GIS Course
Smithsonian-Mason School of Conservation
Front Royal, United States
03/2016 - 09/2016 Internship in the Conservation GIS Lab of the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute
Smithsonian Institution
Front Royal, United States
10/2015 - 01/2016 Internship in Nature Conservation
WWF Germany, Berlin
07/2015 - 08/2015 Summer university "Hungarian language & culture"
Balassi Institute, Budapest
31/03/2015 - 15/04/2015 La Palma Science School
Department of Biogeography,
University of Bayreuth
La Palma, Canary Islands
Topic: Influence of strong winds on the treeline on an oceanic island
05/03/2015 - 15/03/2015 Science School on Ecological Modelling
Umweltforschungszentrum (UFZ), Leipzig
Helmholtz Institution
04/14 - present Volunteering in the Netzwerk Große Beutegreifer
The network focuses both on monitoring the spreading of large carnivores, such as wolf, bear and lynx, in Bavaria, and on mediating conflicts
02/14 - 03/14 Internship at the Faculty of Biology and Geology
Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
02/13 - 04/13 Internship in Ecological Beekeeping
Melikolleg association, Hamba, Romania

Supervisor: Wilhelm Tartler


05/2017 - 12/2017 PROMOS Scholarship
12/2016 - present e-fellows.net-scholarship
03/16 - 09/16 Smithsonian Intern Award
07/15 - 08/15 Bavarian Academic Center for Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe (BAYHOST)
Scholarship for summer university in Hungary
10/13 - present Scholarship of the Heinrich Böll Foundation
The Green Political Foundation
03/13 - 04/13 Bavarian Academic Center for Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe (BAYHOST)
Mobility Grant for the internship in Romania
12/12 Scholarship Fund of Heilsbronn
Scholarships for Students born on the former Principality of Bayreuth


14/01 - 17/01/15 Inter-governmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES), 3rd Plenary Session, Bonn, Germany
08/01 - 11/01/15 International Biogeography Society Conference, Bayreuth, Germany


Messinger, J., Martini, M. M. F., Rossi, G., Samuels, J., & Lauerer, M. (2015). Successful pollination of the neotropical crop Solanum quitoense by Bombus terrestris: Behaviour, efficiency and yield. Journal of Applied Entomology, 140(1-2), 124-134.

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