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Julian ZeidlerB.Sc

Julian Zeidler


Bis 12/2013 bei Global Change Ecology
e-Mail: julian.zeidler(at)elitenetzwerk.de

My Bachelor:

I finished my Bachelor Degree at the University of Bayreuth in Environmental Programming in October 2006. My Bachelor thesis was on "optimizing and parallelizing the forest growth simulator TRAGIC++ using OpenMP"


My Internships:

  1. DLR Oberpfaffenhofen, September-October 2007. "Construction of a MODIS automated Processing chain, from MODIS -DB to MySQL DB"
  2. WWF-Gilgit, Pakistan, March-April 2008: "Climate Change in The Karakorum in NA Pakistan and its impact on Glaciers, high altitude wetlands and the livelihoods of the local communities¨

The mayor Conferences I attended over the last year:

  • Bayreuther Forum Kirche und Universität: „Globale Zukunft“ on November 10th-11th 2006 in Bayreuth/Thurnau
  • McPlanet: „Klima der Gerechtigkeit“ on Mai 4th-6th 2007 in Berlin
  • 17th Forum Globale Fragen: „Sicherheitsrisiko Klimawandel“ - „German Department for Foreign Affairs“ on June 14th 2007 Berlin
  • Summer School: „Sustainable Use of Natural Resources: Water Resource Management“ on August 19th-29th 2007 in Shanghai
  • Winter School: "Pinus Canariensis in its temporal and spacial context, a practical geoecological field course" from 6th to 20th February 2008 in La Palma, Canary Islands
  • Klimaforschungskongress by the state of Bavaria on February 22th 2008 in Munich
  • International Conference on Partnership and Network for Promotion of Research and Knowledge in Northern areas of Pakistan on April 7th-9th 2008 in Gilgit, Pakistan 
  • COP 9 "Convention on Biological Diversity" from May 26th to the 31st 2008 in Bonn

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