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Masterstudiengang - Global Change Ecology

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Luiz Alberto Domeignoz Horta

Luiz Alberto Domeignoz Horta


Bis 12/2013 bei Global Change Ecology
e-Mail: luizalberto.domeignozhorta(at)elitenetzwerk.de


10/2010 - Present

Master of Science in "Global Change Ecology"
University of Bayreuth, Germany

03/2006 – 07/2010

Bachelor of Biological Sciences (Biology)
University of Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Publication (selection)

12/2011 How to ensure a credible and Efficient IPBES? Environmental Science & Policy: (14) Pages: 1188-1194.
DOI: 10.1016/j.envsci.2011.08.005
2010 Dendrochronology and handling of the pine-black (Pinus thumbergii Parl., Pinaceae) of the Japanese Garden at USP and relations with the climate of the city of Sao Paulo. "Boletim de Botânica da Universidade de São Paulo."

Internships & Science Schools  

09/2011 - 10/2011 UNESCO-IHE (Institute for Water Education).
Delft, Netherlands.
10/2006 - 05/2010 Laboratory of Wood Anatomy, University of Sao Paulo.
Sao Paulo, Brazil.
03/2012 Summer School: Scientific writing in the context of Biodiversity – Ecosystem Functioning.
Wuyuan, China
08/2011 Sustainability of Megacities - Shanghai.
Shanghai, China
04/2011 Winter School: Biodiversity of Islands in Face of Climate Change
La Palma (Canary Islands), Spain
10/2010 Summer School: Assessing and Communicating the Loss of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services
Thurnau, Germany
01/2009 5th South American Dendrochronological Fieldweek.
Faxinal do Céu, Paraná, Brazil
08/2008 "Assessing Biodiversity and Growth behavior of Amazonian Floodplain forests." National Institute of Amazonian Research & Max-Planck Institute.
Amazon, Brazil

Conferences (selection)

08/2011 Ecosystem Services: Integrating Science and Practice.
Wageningen, The Netherlands.
08/2011 8th International Association of Landscape Ecology World Congress.
Beijing, China.
06/2011 2nd World Congress on Cities and Adaptation to Climate Change.
Bonn, Germany
02-03/2011 Connecting Academics and Practitioners, at the UN Office.
Vienna, Austria.
12/2010 Biodiversity and the UN Millennium Development Goals: Challenges for research and Action, Senckenberg-Museum.
Frankfurt/Main, Germany.
11/2010 Law for Social Ecological-Resilience, University of Stockholm / Resilience Centre.
Stockholm, Sweden.
05/2010 Workshop: Scientific Issues on Biofuels, Sao Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP).
Sao Paulo, Brazil.
04/2010 Carbon Markets Americas Conference.
São Paulo, Brazil.
11/2009 2nd Municipal Meeting on Global Change.
Sao Paulo, Brazil.
10/2009 13th World Forestry Congress.
Buenos Aires, Argentina.
06/2010 10th World Congress on Parasitic Plants.
Kusadasi, Turkey.
10-11/2007 58th National Congress of Botany.
Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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